Laduree Singapore

I have long wanted to try macarons from Laduree but when I was in Paris, I didn’t have enough time to walk around and find Laduree outlets. When I heard that they are opening in sunny Singapore, I literally jumped for joy!

Technically, they have two “outlets” in Singapore but both is in Ngee Ann city. One is their boutique store on level 2, #02-09 and another is a small counter on level 1 in between LV and Chanel store. When I was there, there weren’t that many people queuing at their boutique store on level 2 as compared to their counter on level 1, so waiting time from queuing to paying for the macarons was roughly 10 – 15 minutes.

Lo and behold, I present to you…

Laduree macarons singapore

Laduree Macarons!

The flavours I bought are: Orange Blossom, Rose Petal, Marie Antoinette Tea, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate topped with gold flakes, Chocolate Yuzu and pistachio (not pictured because I could not withstand the temptation and ate it before any picture-taking). I’d personally recommend Orange blossom, rose petal, marie antoinette tea and pistachio.

They retail in singapore for $3.80 each and the gold macaron retails at $7.60 each.

My verdict? No regrets for queuing and buying them because these macarons are definitely crisp on the outside and chewsy-soft inside. The fillings are also not insanely sweet. I enjoy eating them so much so that I finished them during the ride home, which is so not like what I would do usually. I heard that they are imported from France to maintain that authentic taste, so I guess its worth it, considering that you don’t have to fly to France for a taste of them. (:

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